Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Beauty

This is a beautiful technique we used in card club last month. I just love how this turned out and would definitely use this technique again. It is very easy, but does get monotonous if you are doing very many cards at a time (I usually make 12 of a design, 10 for club and a couple to have on hand to send out). Simply start with smooth white cardstock cut to the size you want your finished image to be. Use a scrap of white cardstock a little bigger than first piece and tear one edge of it in a random patter. Choose two or three colors of Distress Inks. Cut a small piece of Cut 'n' Dry Foam for each color of ink. Lay the torn paper across your smooth cardstock about 1/2" from one edge and use the foam to apply the first color of ink. Start on the torn paper and swipe the ink over the torn edge onto the smooth cardstock. Don't let it get too dark. Move the torn paper down about 1/2" and add more ink. Do this a couple of times then move to the next color and repeat the steps until you have colored the whole background. Use black in to stamp a design over the colored background. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Creating,


Wendy said...

This is stunning Louise! I love this and NEED to make one!! Thanks of the inspiration!!

Marijane said...

LOVE this card! I'll be trying this technique today using several different color combinations. Can't wait!