Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Dream Scheme

Welcome to this week's Dreamweaver Stencils Thursday Dream Scheme.  This week is another designer's choice so I've decided to share three cards that we recently did in a class at Stampology Chicago.  We created three great cards using the Necktie stencil (LG735), just in time for Father's Day or a birthday for your favorite someone. Here they are:
 For this card, dry emboss the necktie stencil on white cardstock, and again on a decorative stripe. Lightly sand the embossed edges of the tie on the decorative paper and cut out the necktie.   Use a coordinating color marker along the edge of the paper to hide the white cut edge. Mount the cut tie on the white embossed layer, then on to a black mat.  Create a center fold card and add strips of matching decorative paper to each side.  Attach the tie layer to the left side of the card.

 Paste emboss the necktie on tan washi cardstock using Glossy Black Embossing Paste.  With the stencil still in place, use a soft paintbrush to sprinkle Metallic F/X powders (Gold Dust and Moonstone) randomly over the wet paste.  Remove and clean the stencil, let the paste dry, buff the extra powder of with a Swifter cloth, and mount on decorative paper.
And finally,  use Translucent Embossing Paste on decorative cardstock with the necktie. Remove and clean the stencil, let the paste dry, cut out the tie, edge with a coordinating marker.  Dry emboss the necktie on white cardstock.  Mount the pasted tie on the white tie, then on a small black layer.  Add black "photo corners" and a pearl gem as a tie tack.  Adhere matching paper to the front of card, then use foam mounting tape to add the tie layer. Three easy cards that can be done in a variety of colors and patterns.
Be sure to check out the DREAM it UP! blog for several great ideas from the team, as well as the team member blogs.  It's easy, just click on their names on the left side of my blog.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Dream Scheme

Welcome to this week's Dreamweaver Stencils Thursday Dream Scheme challenge. This week's challenge was given to us by fellow Dream Team member Deborah March. It is a sketch shape challenge open to our interpretation of course!  Here's her sketch:

And here's my take on the sketch:
I decided to use just one arch along with the just re-released Cathedral Windows (LJ808) stencil. I printed a copy of the arch design, cut it out and traced it on white linen cardstock and cut the arch on the cardstock. Then dry embossed the Cathedral Window pattern on the white linen.  I used a Brillance Pearlescent Beige ink pad to swipe color over the raised design, then a large stencil brush to brush a little additional color in the background.  Using a larger stencil brush softens the color so it looks lighter.  The background paper is kraft colored cardstock with the same Cathedral Window design stenciled with Brilliance Coffee Bean ink. Before layering the original arch layer was placed on black cardstock and trimmed to create a small black mat around the arch.  Tie a black ribbon around it, then adhere to the kraft cardstock layer.  The "Blessings" sentiment is from the new Rainy Days Sayings (LG738) stenciled on matching cardstock in the Beige ink, edged with a black marker the applied using foam tape. The felt flowers are from Creative Impressions and add the final touch.
See what you can do with this challenging design, then hop over to the DREAM it UP! blog  to share it with the group or just for more great ideas. Don't forget to check out the other designer's blogs too!
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Dream Scheme Thursday

Welcome to another Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Scheme Thursday challenge!  This week is another designer's  choice, so I am sharing a design I did for Lynell using the new Maple Branch (LJ906) stencil.  It is a beautiful stencil that will be great for many occasions.  Here's my design:
This was done using the double glitter technique.  It's easy to do if you know the steps.  Start by cutting a piece of cardstock the same size as the stencil.  Cut a piece of the Dreamweaver Double-sided mounting paper the same size as the cardstock. Adhere the mounting paper to the cardstock, burnish it well. Remove the second piece of release paper to expose the sticky paper, set aside.  Soap the back of your stencil with Dreamweaver's Coconut Soap, brushing away all flakes that cling to the openings, and any big flakes on the stencil itself.  Carefully place the stencil soap side down onto the sticky paper and press gently all around the stencil.  Sprinkle the entire image with Art Glitter microfine Rock Moss glitter and tap off all excess glitter. With the stencil still in place, use small stencil brushes and inks to add additional color to the leaves and branches. Don't forget to use your Picasso (LL332) to help create some veins in the leaves. Place the glittered image face down on a clean paper towel and gently peel off the sticky paper from the stencil, being careful to keep the stencil flat on your work surface. Sprinkle the background with Crystal ultrafine glitter, and mount on a card.
Be sure to stop over at the DREAM it UP! blog for more great ideas, and the other designer's blogs too!  Thanks for stopping by today, see you next week!
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Missing Dream Scheme

Some of you may have heard that Blogger land lost a bunch of posts from yesterday. Soooo I will try to recreate my Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Scheme post from yesterday today!!  Did you get all that? Here we go... this week was designer's choice so I chose the beautiful new Japanese Maple Branch stencil (LJ906).  Here's what I did:
This was done with the double glitter technique. Soap the back of the stencil and brush away any big flakes.  Apply double sided mounting paper to a piece of cardstock and remove the second piece of release paper to expose the sticky paper. Place the stencil, soap side down, on the sticky paper and press into place.  Sprinkle ArtGlitter Microfine Rock Moss glitter on the whole image.  Tap off as much excess glitter as you can before using stencil brushes and inks to add more color where you want it.  Place the image glitter side down on a clean piece of paper and gently pull the image off the stencil, making sure the stencil stays flat.  Sprinkle the background with Crystal glitter and mount into a beautiful card.
I'm not sure if anyone else has restored their designs yet, but there are still plenty of other good ideas on the other designer's blogs and on the DREAM it UP! blog, so be sure to check them out!
Happy Creating,
Louise (again)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dreamweaver Dream Scheme Thursday

Every week I'm so amazed that it is Thursday already!  Sorry I'm a little late posting today, this week has been another full of many of those "last" activities in my daughter's senior year. Tomorrow is Prom, I can feel the tears starting already!
This week's Dreamweaver Stencils Dream Scheme Thursday challenge is a colorway challenge using orange and blue given to us by fellow Dream Team member Georgia.  These two complimentary colors really make a design pop.  Here's my design for this fun challenge.

Sorry the image got a little dark.  It is very simple.  Paste emboss the floral heart (LG712) with Glossy Blue Embossing Paste and let the paste dry.  Trim the image close to the design on all sides, mount on an orange mat, then a larger light orange mat.  Add a pretty ribbon, mount on decorative background paper attached to the front of a card and you're finished in no time at all.  Like I said, very easy.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  Hop on over to the other designer's blogs and to the DREAM it UP! blog for more great orange and blue ideas.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dreamweaver Class

Here are some of the  class samples I promised to post for my upcoming Dreamweaver Stencils class at The Cottage Stamper in St. Charles, IL.  We'll be using the Tall Vase stencil on three different cards using different techniques on each.  The stencil is yours to take home at the end of class to create more great cards. Give Nancy or her staff  a call to join us on Tuesday, May 10th. 

Hope to see you in class!
Happy Creating,