Monday, November 1, 2010

Bow Challenge

Do you love the look of a nice bow on a card, but just can't seem to get yours to sit right? You're not alone, many people have trouble with bows. Today, Lynell Harlow of Dreamweaver Stencils challenged the Dream Team to help fellow crafters beat the challenge of bow making!
I follow the following 12 step program:

One: Start by placing a small amount of adhesive in the center of the back of a piece of cardstock.

Two: Using a piece of ribbon between 18" and 24", attach the center of the ribbon to the adhesive (so an equal amount of ribbon comes off both sides).

Three: Turn the cardstock over with the ends of the ribbon coming out both sides.

Four: Place the left end over the right side of the ribbon and then down behind it so the end of the left ribbon is now coming out from under the right side.

Five: Pull the ends tight and perpendicular (up and down).

Six: Place a glue dot under the twist in the ribbon to help hod the ribbon in place while you do the loops.

Seven: With your right hand bring the bottom ribbon up to form the first loop.

Eight: With your left hand, bring the top ribbon over your loop.

Nine: Push the ribbon behind the first loop and back through opening you made.

Ten: Push it through until you have your second loop.

Eleven: Pull each loop to tighten the center knot.

Twelve: Adjust the size of the loops by pulling on the tails, and re-tighten by pulling the loops again. You may need to do this a few times to get the loops the right size. Trim the ends.
I know it seems like a lot of steps, but it is really a pretty easy process. Practice with ribbon that is about 1" wide, then use smaller or larger ribbon once you understand the process. If you make your bows this way you will always have a nice center knot and both ends will lay nicely.
Good luck!
Happy Creating,


Wendy said...

Good job Louise!! This is the exact same way I do bows!!!!! Lookin' good!!!

Marijane said...

I'm so glad to have this as a reminder. I always forget how to make them come out pretty every time. I am still challenged by steps 7-9 for some reason - more practice is needed! Thanks, Louise.

Barbara said...

Thank you for the tutorial! My bows never come out right and this is beautiful!

Deborah March said...

"Twelve step program..." what a HOOT!! Thanks for the tutorial Louise. I actually printed it for some crafting easy to follow!