Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Dream Scheme

The air was crisp and cold today, winter is defiantly creeping up on us. But the sun was bright and still warm, trying to hold winter at bay just a little bit longer! Thanksgiving is only a week away, then before we know it Christmas is here! So much to do, so little time...but somehow it all works out.
This week's Dreamweaver Stencils Thursday Dream Scheme is a sketch challenge created by fellow team member Wendy Jordan. Here's what she came up with for us:

This is what I created from the sketch:

The small fern frond stencil (LM2006) is so beautiful and creates a peaceful focal point for your card. For this one I used Glossy Green Embossing Paste on kraft cardstock. When it was almost dry, I gently brushed Metallic F/X Amber Glow (FX02) over the frond. When completely dry, I tore the edges around the design. The other two layers of kraft cardstock were sprayed with Memories Mist Iridescent spray to create a shimmer to match the shimmer of the FX powder. The three brads are antique paper fasteners I found on one of my journeys, I only found three boxes so I rarely use them because I really like them! Do you have things like that, you buy them because you like them, but then you can't make yourself use them because you don't want them to be gone! I have a whole room full of things like that!

Be sure to check out the creations at the other designer's blogs, as well as the DREAM it UP! blog for more inspiration.
Happy Creating,


Wendy said...

This is sooo pretty. I love that you didn't make a holiday card. Beautiful!!

Pam Hornschu said...

Really cool card, Louise. Very versatile...could be masculine, fall, zen...etc. Love the peeks of green through the amber F/X.

kristi said...

This is a very lovely card and I love the fern leaf! Great Colors and love your crisp clean edges!

sommrstamping said...

Louise.... I'm always awestruck by the cards you turn out, they are so beautiful. By the way I only love winter because we don't have snow like I'm certain you do. My parents grew up in Minnesota and they told me stories about the weather there. They never went back except in the summer.

Terrece said...

WOW! Really like the colors and the way the fern works so well with your card. Will be trying this one!

Laura Drahozal said...

I love the card and thought I knew how it was done, but I didn't! I have never brushed the FX on while the paste was still tacky! I will have to try that. Thanks for the tip--you really taught me something.