Thursday, December 13, 2012

Frosty Fun!

Here we go with week two of the Dreamweaver Stencil's December design challenge. Our theme this month is Frost Fun and last week there were some great projects, if you didn't get a chance to see them try to find the time to check them out!
This week I am back in Cincinnati being a Grandma and having a ball with my beautiful grand-daughter! But luckily I have my computer with me and she goes to bed early, so here's my creation:

It really was very easy:
  • Emboss a piece of blue metal through your die cut machine with theChristmas Borders stencil (LJ922)
  • Tape the Mittens stencil  (LJ923) to the front of the embossed blue metal lining up one cuff on the snowflake area
  • Carefully turn the stencil and metal over and use a Teflon tool to emboss the outline of one mitten
  • Turn it back to the front and line up the second mitten so the cuffs match
  • Turn it back over and emboss the second mitten
  • You don't have to line them up like this, you can just emboss them as they are, but I wanted my cuffs to match
  • Sand the whole piece so that the Christmas borders area is now silver
  • Use a paper stump to flatten the background around the mittens
  • Use the fiberglass brush to finish cleaning off the blue from most of the background
  • Fill the back of the mittens with metal filler paste, let dry thoroughly
  • Mount on silver mirror paper and a white card
The blue, silver and white definitely give it a frosty feel don't you think! Check out the rest of team too

Happy Creating,


Cherylynn said...

Louise, I love the double embossing technique. And you definitely have that technique mastered! I love this card.

Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Louise, this is very frosty looking! Love the blue colored aluminum that you worked on. That filler paste works wonderfully, I have the advantage of seeing this creation up close and it really adds to the dimension of the project. Gorgeous work!

Lee Kellogg said...

Wow! What a great and easy card. Thank you for sharing it!

Pam Hornschu said...

Awesome as usual, Louise! Lots of work, but gorgeous results! Have fun with the baby, Grandma!

Scrappychick said...

Gorgeous! LOVE the way the mittens turned out! I was going to combine the same two and I lost my background stencil on my table LOL