Friday, July 29, 2016

Leaf Texture Embellishments!

As promised yesterday, here are the instructions for creating some Fresh Fall Fun embellishments using the Dreamweaver Leaf Texture Stencil (DWLG616) and Regular Embossing Paste!
Leaf Texture Embellishments!

DWLG616 Leaf Texture Stencil
DWDEP Regular Embossing Paste
DWDPK Dreamweaver Palette Knife
DWLM2010 Paste Spreader
DWGHB-6 1/4" Brush #6 Gold Handle

Freezer Paper
Brilliance Inks - Sunflower Yellow, P. Orange, Rocket Red, P. Rust, P. Olive, P. Thyme
Copic Marker E47
Removable tape

Step 1:  Tape the Leaf Texture stencil to the shiny side of a sheet of Freezer Paper

Step 2:  Use a palette knife and paste spreader to apply Regular Embossing Paste over  the design, remove stencil, place stencil on a clean part of the paper and apply paste again, repeat until you fill the paper or the images don't come out clean anymore, let paste dry

Step 3:  Place the clean, dry stencil back over the dry paste, use 1/4" stencil brushes to rouge colors on the designs, remove the stencil, clean and dry it 

Step 4:  Use the brush tip of the E47 marker to run around the edges of the leaves to give them a more finished look

Step 5: Slowly peel off the leaves you want, you have to be a little careful at this point, they can tear easily

Step 6: Use glue to add them as embellishments to cards or page layouts

We hope you've enjoyed our week of Fresh Fall Fun! Here are today's designers:

Louise Healy

Happy Creating,


barbara macaskill said...

Thank you for the step by step for this lovely card!! I absolutely love this! TFS!

Viki Banaszak said...

This is awesome! What a fun fall embellishment!

Nancy Noble said...

Very cool. Thanks for the step by step.

Nancy Noble said...

Very cool. Thanks for the step by step.

Christine Kiehl said...

Thank you Thank you for sharing this process with a beginner!! So cool!