Monday, July 12, 2010

Flea Market Finds

Just got back from visiting Augustana College in Rock Island, IL with my daughter and niece. It is a beautiful campus, particularly if you want to get your exercise! It is on the bluffs of the Mississippi which is wonderful, but you climb stairs everywhere you go. They both loved it, but then again, they're young, they didn't even break a sweat.
Anyway, when I came home I rediscovered the treasures I found on Saturday during our exursion to Morris, IL. The flea market part was nice, but we really had fun in all the wonderful shops on a couple of their main streets. We had no idea there would such a great assortment of shops. Definately worth a field trip if you are in the northern IL area. I found a small bird bath that I will use on a buffet table, some antique hardware, a small book, and best of all, an old printing set that has small wooden stamps with all the letters, numbers and some punctuation, plus the original ink tin (I collect antique stamp sets). So overall, a fun, successful day!
We have been given permission to release two sneak peaks of the new Dreamweaver Stencils on July 20th, so be sure to check back, they are beautiful.

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