Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Give Thanks

These beautiful stencils from Dreamweaver can be combined to create a beautiful card for any occasion, but I think it will especially nice for a Thanksgiving card. Many times in the last few months I have been reminded how blessed I am with a wonderful family, great friends and a relatively easy life! Always remember to take the time to thank the people who share your life.

This card is very easy. Start by placing your wheat stencil (LL3008) on natural linen cardstock and using black glossy embossing paste from Dreamweaver. Immediately sprinkle the image with Amber Glow and Kiwi Metallic F/X Mica powders (also from Dreamweaver). Remove the stencil and let the image dry, don't try to remove any extra powder yet. Repeat the process with the Thanks (LS1006) stencil. After both images are dry, hold over a wastebasket and give the back a good flick to remove as much extra powder as possible. Place the image paste side up on a paper towel and use a clean 3/4" stencil brush to gently brush any powders that are left and to polish it up. Buff it with a soft cloth and layer it into a beautiful card. A 5" x 7" (A7) size card seemed to show it off the best.
Also, check out the new Dreamweaver blog to see samples from the other Dream Team members.
Happy creating,


Wendy said...

Your blog is beautiful Louise!!! Lovely cards! I love reading about all the techniques used. You did a great job explaining your steps!!
Have a super day!!!

Marijane said...

Just a beautiful card using such a pretty stencil. Now I'm off to the Dreamweaver's Blog to see more.

Colleen said...

Louise, I'm glad I read through your instructions, because when I received the card I thought you had used the green variegated leafing technique. Those F/X powders look just like it! I was just about to put it on the Leafing technique board. We now nee a board called Faux metallic leafing! Ha! Lynell here not Colleen...

Kristi said...

love the blog and love the cards!